Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wrong Ira

For some reason this story keeps coming up, so I figured I'd re-post it here on Adventures in Radioland.

I recently placed an order with, a website that makes custom clothing.  When I received my items, something was horribly horribly wrong.  Here's the note I sent to their customer service e-mail:

"Well...I ordered a pair of the boy-style underwear with the slogan "I heart Ira" printed on them. I had also ordered an "I heart public radio" sweatshirt. The very kind, well-meaning neighborhoodie artist put two and two together and printed an image of Ira Glass on the front of the undies. Problem is, I don't actually heart Ira Glass in that way (though I do enjoy This American Life). My husband's name is Ira.

The underwear are totally hilarious, but not what I was going for."

A new pair arrived a couple of weeks later, sans Mr. Glass.  If you want to hear me telling this story, check out this recording from WYPR's 10-year anniversary celebration with the Stoop storytelling series.