Monday, August 30, 2010

Journalist in Residence

This fall I'll spend the better part of a week at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism as a "journalist in residence."  I swear it hasn't been that long since I graduated from the J-School.  Well, if I do the math, I guess it has been nearly a decade.

I can't really explain how excited I am to visit the school, meet the students and hopefully share some of the things I've learned over those 10 years.   Most of my time will be spent in classrooms, but there is one public event planned.  Here's the official description:

The Big Story: National Public Radio’s Tamara Keith

When: Wednesday, October 6

Reception: 5:30 PM
Lecture: 6:00 PM

Where: North Gate Hall Library

NPR Reporter and Journalist-in-Residence Tamara Keith discusses radio journalism, the challenge of covering disasters, and NPR’s transition in the digital age, while outlining her experiences covering major stories ranging from the world financial crisis, to the earthquake in Haiti, to the BP oil spill in Louisiana.


Let's hope those improv comedy classes I've been taking pay off!